Powerball Lotteries are Worldwide

Did you know that  Powerball is played not only in the United States, but Worldwide?

South Africa. There is a National Lottery in South Africa that is also named “Powerball”, and they even have a lotto called “Lotto Plus”.  In Powerball, 5 main numbers are picked, plus a 6th called Powerball.  Here is a link to the national lottery number results page  on Powerball.

Australia.  Australia has a Powerball game also.  It is played every Thursday evening, and prize pools and jackpots range from 3 to 50 Million AU.  Currently the prize is 30 Million (Australian Dollars) Once again, you pick 45 main numbers, plus the powerball number.  The playing instructions are here. You can even download the pdf playing instructionsChoose the way you want to play and number of games: Choose either a Quick game quantity (36 24, 18 etc…) OR System Games OR Standard games. For Powerball, you can also choose Power45. Here is the purchase page to buy Powerball tickets in Australias’ game.

New Zealand.  New Zealand’s Powerball is a bit different.  Powerball and Lotto Strike are optional extras with each lottery ticket. Here is the Wikipedia article on New Zealand Lotteries You pick 6 numbers plus 2. Here are recent lottery numbers. The basic instructions for playing the game, which was introduced in Feb 2001. How does New Zealand’s powerball work?

A line may be “enhanced” by the purchase of a Powerball number. If Powerball is played, at least four Powerball numbers must be purchased for each ticket, costing $0.60 a line. The Powerball number is ranges between 1 and 10, and is always drawn from a separate machine, apart from the main Lotto drawing. If it happens that the winning Powerball number is on the exact same line as a winning Lotto line, the ticket owner will win a share of the Powerball prize pool, as well as the prize won from the main Lotto draw.